Friday, June 10, 2011

Anime North 2011

IXI! Studios hits their hometown convention for the second year, bigger and better.

Thanks to Xarik for helping film the event, and Shiku for photos!

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Check out the Vlad's Troubles episode here.

Opening Ceremonies
Meet a few of the Guests who attended Anime North 2011, the 15th event.

Litrid no Bouken
Litrid's adventures over the weekend.
Litrid hits up the Thursday evening pre-registration event.
Litrid and crew board the Eternal Sonatron, drive to the convention, dive into the crowds, scope out the best cosplay, sell their wares at the Nominoichi, and meet Rita and Zedd.
Litrid and crew awaken from their late night karaoke, loses and reclaims several important items, scopes more cosplay, and scours the Dealer's Room.
Litrid and crew find a shiny Pokemon, herp their derp like yeah, stop in at the Pony panel, and wrap up their weekend.

Shopping Spree
We scope out the Dealer's Room and Nominoichi.

Paul interviews a variety of the cosplayers attending Anime North. From famous Western stars, to characters from Anime he's never heard of, they're all here. Until a somewhat unfortunate accident anyways...

Rita and Zedd
We meet up with Barbara Goodson and Robert Axelrod, best known for the original Power Rangers villains.

Karaoke Night
Watch and listen to the best and strangest souls brave enough for open mic night.

Kamen Rider Panel
Watch Ichida sit in on the loudest and most passionate panel ever, about the greatest tokusatsu television franchise in existence.

Anime Gameshows
Watch these helpless few play Name That Tune, Anime Jeopardy, and Create That Anime.

Anime Mad Libs
A quartet of geek girls collect some words from the audience and tells some strange stories.

Anime Pro Wrestling
Watch some random anime characters get their wrestle on.

WWII Panels
Watch some veterans relive the days.

Thanks to the following staff members and fans for their contributions:
Litrid, Raven, Xarik, Ransack, Shiku
Tyler MacKinnon
Galen Hanna