Saturday, March 24, 2012

Con-G Season 4

The IXI! Studios crew rolls out to their first Guelph convention to see the Awesome stars.

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Opening Ceremonies
Con-G kicks off their convention, with a Jolteon.

Litrid's Adventure
The entirety of Litrid's vlogs between events over the weekend.

10 Anime Commandments
A room of geeks hammer out what the commandments of anime geekdom should be.

Channel Awesome Q&A
Sit and listen to all of Con-G's Channel Awesome guests including the likes of Birdman, MarzGurl, JewWario, take questions and almost kill our own guys over a tokusatsu disagreement.

Making a Webseries
Sit and listen to a man who has gone the mile tell you how to make a successful webseries.

Establishing Yourself in the Media
We catch up with Mike "Birdman" Dodd again as he tells a new audience how he broke into the field facefirst.

Kyle Hebert Q&A
We sit down with the illustrious (and a little sleepy) voice actor extraordinaire Kyle Hebert as he takes questions about voice acting.

Evil Laughter Contest
Our own Ichida and Xen stand up for the sake of evil and throw themselves into a contest full of wannabe baddies hosted by the 404s.

Ultimate Animanga Quiz
Raven and ZeroGen step into an anime quizshow and take it apart.

Welcome to the Jungle
New to anime? New to conventions? Hear the story of a complete newbie to anime entirely as he takes a peek inside.

Game Asylum
Ichida, Zelig, and Ririn step into the Game Asylum trailer parked just outside the hotel and play some Rock Band.

Name That Tune
Raven sits down to watch Con-G's version of our favorite convention game.

Andrea Libman Q&A
Andrea Libman, know for her roles as AndrAIa in Reboot as well as Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic answers questions for an audience of con-goers.

The 404s
Raven sits down for some stand-up, standout geeky improv comedy.

MarzGurl Interview
Xen sits down for a chat with MarzGurl from Channel Awesome at Con-G in Guelph.