Saturday, August 4, 2012

Anime North 2012

Ichida, Litrid, Xarik, and Raven brave the heat to return to their home convention.

Thanks to Xarik for helping film the event!

Litrid's Animazing Adventure
Litrid vlogs in between all the other events at the convention.
Thursday & Friday
Litrid hits up the pre-registration day and the first day of the con.
Litrid journeys throughout Anime North's longest day.
Litrid's adventures draw to a close.

Xarik's Adventure
Our cameo cameraman chronicles his own funtiemz over the weekend.
Abridged Series Panel
Ichida checks out some local abridgers and their projects.
Anime Name That Tune
Ichida and Raven try their hardest to... do that thing.
Anime Wrestling
Litrid and Xarik watch some loved characters duke it out.
Digimon Panel
Ichida rehashes his childhood with fellow Digi-geeks.
Duck Hunt & Double Dash
Litrid tests his skills as a hunter and a racer.
Ichida observes the cosplayfest of the convention.
Metal Gear Solid Panel
Litrid and Xarik investigate Metal Geeeearrrrr.
Interview with Yuu Asakawa
Raven and a few other sit down with Yuu Asakawa, voice of Shinonome Satsuki from Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, Aoyama Motoko from Love Hina, and Rider from Fate/Stay Night for an interview.
Military Realism in Anime
The vets and the geeks meet to discuss how accurate war is portrayed in anime.
Nagata Shachu - Taiko Drum Concert
Litrid takes a break out of his day to listen to some taiko drums.
Pixel Art & Spriting
Ichida gets back to his roots with some pixel artistry.
Swordsmanship Events
The guys watch a swordsmanship demo and workshop.
The 404s After Dark
WARNING 18+ The top-notch geek comedy gets 18+ on our asses.
Video Game Name That Tune (Classic)
Ichida steps up, sits down, steps up, and sits down again trying to name retro video game songs.
Video Game Soundtracks
Ichida and Litrid sit and talk about their favorite and least favorite video game music with other passionate fans.
Worldbuilding Panel
Ichida sits and listens to published writers talk about how to build a fictional world.
Writing What You Love
Ichida listens to some sage writers empassion budding writers about writing what they love.