Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fan Expo 2012

The IXI! gang torture congoers with gameshows, attend some voice acting panels, and test drive Halo 4 and Sony Smash!

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Halo 4
Raven looks on as Ichida za Zeal gets a brief taste of Halo 4.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Ichida and Litrid step into Sony Smash Bros headfirst.

Downhill Bowling 2
Ichida checks out a bizarre bowling game at the LG booth.

Brentalfloss @ Nerd Noise Night
Ichida hits up the flossman's show, hosted by Shaun Hatton.

Brentalfloss Panel
Ichida gets front row for the flossman's Q&A panel, where candy and dumb questions go hand in hand.

Litrid's Animazing Adventure
Litrid's vlogs between everything else over the weekend.

Stan Lee Q&A
Raven stops in to see the master of all comic books.

Voice Acting 101 w/ Allison Keith-Shipp
A voiceover pro shares some tips for beginners.

Voice Acting 101 w/ Veronica Taylor
The voice of Ash Ketchum shares some helpful voiceover tips.

All the Pretty Maids of Anime
A group of voice actresses who have played maids sit down for tea time.

Fullmetal Alchemist Superpanel
The stars of Fullmetal host an epic discussion panel without the use of a transmutation circle.

Voice Acting 101 w/ Colleen Clinkenbeard
The always cheery voice actress shares her own voiceover tips.

Anime Name That Tune
Raven subjects his brand of musical cruelty upon three teams of would-be musical savants.

Anime Win, Lose, or Draw (w/ Colleen Clinkenbeard)
The cheery voice actress sits in as players struggle to draw anime titles.