Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Con-G Season 5

The IXI! Studios crew returns to Guelph for more convention goodness, featuring appearances by Robert Paulsen, one of the voices of your childhood.

Opening Ceremonies
The staff of Con-G introduce themselve, their guests, and the convention in general.

Litrid's Animazing Adventure
Litrid vlogs between everything else going on at Con-G.

Voice Acting with Robert Paulsen
The voice of your childhood and mine talks about voice acting.

Anime Abandon Q&A
Bennett the Sage hangs out for a close, intimate Q&A session.

Audition for the Worst Movie Ever
What happens when internet celebrities and random congoers come together to read a completely bonkers movie script with a straight face? Come find out.

Reboot Panel
Some fans of the quintessential cyberpunk television series reminisce and unearth some uncommonly known facts.

LARP 101
Ichida stops in to see the Underworld LARP guys try to explain what live action roleplaying is. Their version, at least.

Anime Name That Tune
For once, Raven actually gets to play a round of Anime Name That Tune instead of running the show. Destruction ensues.

Adventure Gaming
Some old school gamers come to educate you youg'uns on old point and click adventure games.

Robert Paulsen Saturday Q&A
Robert Paulsen, voice actor extraordinaire, hosts a general Q&A session on his illustrious career.

Dinner with Robert Paulsen
Paul / Tsuki no Xen sits down with half of the voices from our childhood and talks voices, acting, charities, weasels, and russian porn.

Evil 301 with Dr. Holocaust
The villainous Doctor Holocaust comes back with some advanced-level advice for building your villain headquarters.

The Commandments of Anime
The wisest of geeks gather to decide what the undefiable rules of anime are.

Evil Laughter Contest
Ichida za Zeal, TX, and many other aspiring villains step up to compete for the most evil laughter, judged by applause and Dr. Holocaust.

Creating a Webseries
A few creators get together to explain what's involved in the noble art of creating and marketing webseries.

Create Your Own Adventure
Behold the scriptwriting session and rehearsal of The Epic Crusades of the Starlight Qumkuat Chancellor. ...Yup.

Japanese Game Shows
The spunky Jolteon hosts some odd live games.

Bennett the Sage 18+
Bennett the Sage from Channel Awesome and TGWTG holds a special after hours panel for those of age. Bring your ID, and hang out for a while.

25 Years of TMNT
The two-time-turtle Robert Paulsen talks about one of his most well-known voiceover series.

Ultimate Animanga Quiz
Con-G sits down to play the ultimate anime/manga trivia game, featuring our very own ChouRaven as a contestant!

Name That Tune (Cartoon/Grab Bag Version
Ichida za Zeal and Litrid step up among other challengers to Name That Tune, but with more than just anime... features songs from childhood television shows.


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